Kiva Loan Program

The Initiative

Since 2015, LISC and Kiva have partnered together to expand financial opportunities for underserved entrepreneurs across the United States. LISC has been deploying micro-loans on the Kiva platform to low to moderate income business owners across the country. Borrowers must be partnered with one of LISC’s registered Kiva Trustees.

LISC matches incremental loan amounts up to 1:1 as they are made to a Kiva borrower (i.e. when an individual Kiva lender contributes $25 towards a Kiva campaign, LISC contributes up to an additional $25 to the loan).

How Kiva Works

Kiva uses crowdfunded microloans as a force for good, creating a space where people can have one-to-one impact, and together, expand financial access for all.
Someone applies for a loan

2. They’re approved and ready to crowdfund

3. People will lend a little toward their goal

4. The loan is successfully funded!

5. The borrower receives their funds

6. The borrower invests in their livelihood

7. Lenders get repaid

(Kiva borrowers have a 96.4% repayment rate on average.)

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