We are a local nonprofit organization, providing rich, immersive language education and culture experiences to children and families in San Antonio, Texas.

Our programs are interactive and outrageously fun!

Our current focus languages are Spanish, French, and Arabic.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the children and families of San Antonio access to quality language programs starting at early ages to open doors and maximize their potential for the future.

Our motivation and story

The founders of Culturingua share the passion of speaking different languages and exploring cultures. They understand its crucial importance in the success on the personal, professional, educational, and leisure levels of peoples' lives. They want to teach their kids different languages starting at a very early age. However, the lack of quality programs motivated them to found Culturingua to provide quality language programs for families at a reasonable cost.

Culturingua aims to better maximize the future potential of children and families.

Culturingua is committed to providing quality language education to the children of San Antonio.
— One of Culturingua's Core Values

Why Learning at early ages?

Researchers found that children learning a foreign language at a VERY EARLY AGE:

  • Are more likely than older learners to attain native-like pronunciation (Harley, 1986; Patkowski, 1990)

  • Have an innate ability to acquire the rules of any language, and this ability diminishes by adulthood (Curtiss, 1995; Johnson and Newport, 1989)

Researchers also found that children who study a foreign language:

  • Are more creative and better at solving complex problems (Bamford and Mizokawa, 1991)

  • Outperform similar monolingual peers on both verbal and nonverbal tests (Bruck, Lambert, and Tucker, 1974; Hakuta, 1986)

In addition to that, we believe it’s essential for children to gain a solid understanding of places and cultures of the world during their educational journey. This will enable kids to:

  • Better maximize their educational and professional future potential

  • Challenge perceptions and create openness and respect for others

  • Build knowledge and enthusiasm about our world

  • Enhance creativity by seeing things from a different angle