About Us


Culturingua's mission is to cultivate, promote, and preserve Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian (MENASA) cultural, linguistic, and artistic heritage to invest in human, community, and economic development.


Arab and South Asian individuals and families empowered to take action to shape their future in a community that embraces and respects diversity


Building bridges through cultural heritage assets

What We Do

Culturingua believes in heritage assets as a paradigm-shifting call to action. Since 2018, Culturingua's innovative programming has been building bridges to foster human development and civic engagement. The programs are focused on four main areas: Youth Development; Community & Economic Development; Career & Financial Opportunity; and Policy, Advocacy, & Civic Engagement. Culturingua is a Middle Eastern, North African, & South Asian (MENASA) organization serving the Bexar County community, which includes the Arab American and South Asian American community. Culturingua empowers this community and celebrates it with the rest of the Bexar County community.